How An Electronic Cigarette Works?

When you light a traditional cigarette, it causes the tobacco to burn releasing smoke that contains nicotine. The smoker breaths the smoke, that delivers nicotine to the lungs. However, an electronic cigarette works in a complete different manner. Rather than burning tobacco it heats liquid nicotine and converts it into mist or vapor which is inhaled by user. Depending upon the e-cigarette the vaporization may be activated when user inhales or via a manual switch. Continue reading


Can Electronic Cigarette Help You Quit Smoking, Here Is An Answer

Smokers who wish to stop continuing their habit of smoking use e-cigarettes to aid themselves, even with the absence of proof that the devices function or not. Is this electronic version really capable of helping you get rid of your addiction?

One-third of cigarette smokers aiming to quit smoking had used e-cigarettes. These smokers were likewise less most likely to do well than those that did not use e-cigarettes: 21 percent of e cig users were tobacco-free after 7 months, compared with 31 percent of those who didn’t make use of electronic cigarettes. Continue reading


All About E-Cigarettes And How It Is Better Than The Traditional One

Science has invented many cures to many diseases. It is a gift of science that people who got addict to drugs are able to live it. But, it is a debate also from centuries that science is really a boon? To tobacco smokers, invention of e-cigarette is like getting a new life. Many tobacco smokers has shifted to e-cigarettes because of fashion and many has shifted because they want to leave killer tobacco. But here a question again arises, is e-cigarette puffing not injurious to health? Does it not led to killer diseases? And unfortunately, the answers to all these questions are not known. Here is a brief discussion that will throw light on the reality of e-cigarette and make clear whether it is a healthy choice or not. Continue reading